For much of the last two decades, writing has been an important and integral part of my life.  It started with fiction and poetry, before moving into academic papers, whitepapers, reports, blogs, memoirs (and fiction again – full circle!).  I’ve ghost-written more than 1000 blogs, articles, eBooks and academic papers on a wide variety of topics; need a beginner’s guide to Blockchain? How about a paper on the effectiveness of non-surgical aesthetic treatments? Blogs about wind turbines, floristry, IR35, web design, cannabinoid safety, UV rays, Bath bombs, relaxation tips, fire water management, gin, environmental waste… the list goes on.  I’ve got random knowledge in my brain that I never thought would be in there.

I love writing, and I love reading. Whenever I’m presented with a new and unfamiliar topic I immerse myself into finding out everything I can about that topic.  I often tell my students to get in touch if they need to find academic references on obscure topics as the likelihood is I’ve got something on my desktop that will be of use to them…. I’m a bit of a hoarder.

I’m incredibly lucky to work full time doing what I enjoy, and I hope that my enthusiasm for writing is clear to everyone I work with.  I know that not everyone has the time, or the desire, to sit down and type for hours on end to commit their ideas and words to paper, and that is where I am more than happy to help. Whether you want fiction or non-fiction, an eBook or a blog, or a whitepaper, essay or academic paper, I’d be happy to help.