Warriors of the Medieval World

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Why were medieval castles so difficult to capture? How did boys train to become knights? What were the deadliest weapons used during the Middle Ages? How did soldiers attack a castle? This exciting book helps less-confident readers aged 8-12 find out the answers to these questions and more. Warriors in the Medieval World examines the different roles of foot soldiers and knights, armour for soldiers and also for horses, battering rams and sieges, the development of ever more fortified castles and the impact of the eastern horse archer. The book also explores particular military periods in Medieval history, such as the Crusades, as well as the development of much heavier plate armor, knightly tournaments, and the introduction of gunpowder weapons. Outstanding images, diagrams and fascinating facts make this period of history easy to understand. Features include colourful artworks, tapestries and artifacts, large full- colour maps that describe key battles, easy to read text, and ‘Did you Know?’ features filled with fun facts. Aimed at children who need a little help with reading, this high- interest book provides an attractive yet informative guide to how war was fought in the Middle Ages.