Vote for Honesty and Get Democracy Done

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The truth matters. Vital decisions made on our behalf require that the people in government are honest with the electorate. VOTE FOR HONESTY AND GET DEMOCRACY DONE seeks solutions to the increasing problem of dishonest behaviour by some UK politicians. It is an action plan to force political change. This book is solution-led, rather than problem-led. The Vote for Honesty Campaign for the next general election is politically neutral. Voters simply have to ‘Lend their Vote in 2024’ and only vote for a candidate that has signed the Vote for Honesty Contract. This is much stronger than a manifesto pledge as any candidate would have a contractual penalty imposed if elected and then not vote for the Honesty Bill. Positive change is possible. A simple solution to a complex problem. This upbeat and pragmatic book suggests UK politics in the future can be better. Honest politicians will feel the benefit and feel good about their profession. A climate of trust and a deepening of democracy will make our society more efficient and effective, open and productive.