The Power of Politicians

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The Power of Parliament is an autobiographical account of Tessa Jowell’s experience of entering politics and making effective sense of her role. In telling the story, drawn out by questions from Frances D’Souza, Jowell gives fascinating insights into the workings of Parliament, the successful development of policy into legislation, and also of her interior life: what inner resources she brought to the role; how she protected herself against the morally corrosive force of power-seeking; what inspired her and what troubled her. The result is a master-class in how to be a good politician. The Power of Parliament offers not just a case study of the life and work of a politician, but also attends to deeper questions about what is morally and emotionally demanded of a politician – exposed as they are to corrosive effects of having to seek and retain power – and of the institution of Parliament itself, in the face of public hostility and indifference.