The End of Ulster Loyalism?

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The end of Ulster loyalism? explores the dynamics and divisions within paramilitary groups since the mid-1970s. It, despite contrary public opinion, details and explains the nature of Loyalist conflict transformation. A key model of transition that is relevant to arenas beyond Northern Ireland. The book also discusses the nature and extent of loyalist violence and provides a rarely heard voice regarding State-led collusion. It locates Loyalist ideas and opinions that have been largely invisible and highlights how an extensive element of positive Loyalist renewal has been purposefully suppressed and unmentioned. It is a key text for any student of politics, criminology, human geography and conflict and conflict transformation and is particularly relevant to the scholarship of pro-State groups who are infrequently considered in academic deliberations. A book of both hope and despair that emerges from a destabilising past and a yet-to-be-decided future.