The Changing Outer Hebrides

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What makes a place special? Why are we often left with a distinct ‘sense of place’ that we like and can identify with? This fascinating book is a voyage of discovery that focuses on one small village in the Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland, to explore that connection. This is a fascinating and intimate account of the inter-relationship between one small island village in the Hebrides and the wider world. From the formation of the bedrock 3 billion years ago, to the predictable near-future, the layers of this unique landscape are explored. The social history of the people is closely interwoven with the natural environment in a journey of deep mapping to consider the meaning of special places. Through the Iron Age and the Clearances to the contemporary events of community land ownership, a portrayal is given that challenges the perception that this is a remote place, isolated at the edge, but instead is crucial to our contemporary relationship with the land.