The Burns Supper

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This annual celebration of the life and works of the poet Robert Burns is held in Scotland and across the globe around the anniversary of the poet’s birthday in the form of a convivial dinner with particular, some may say peculiar, ritual traditions. Robert Burns: Scotland’s national poet.Burns Supper: the celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns, on or around his birthday on 25 January every year. When the Reverend Hamilton Paul agreed to arrange the first anniversary dinner for Robert Burns’ patrons and friends in July 1801, he began a tradition that quite soon became a global celebration. Over two hundred years later, Burns Suppers are held all over the world to commemorate the life and work of a poet beloved wherever people celebrate life, love and liberty. From its beginning with nine Scotsmen in Burns Cottage, to today, where over nine million people join in the Burns Supper festivities, from the USA to Russia, Australia to China, and somewhere near you. The long and happy story of Burns Night is explored in this history of the annual event which has been called ‘the biggest party in the world’.