The Bridge

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The Bridge meets Alex (short for Alexandra) on a bridge in Verona as she says her final farewell to Michele. Alex’s world has been devastated by the death of Michele, who was actually more of a sister to her than her best and oldest friend. It follows Alex as she tries to navigate a world she no longer recognises or fits into, while desperately trying to ‘be there’ for Adam, Michele’s teenage son. It’s on that same bridge where Alex meets Max, and through this chance encounter, a hopeful journey begins. A journey which forces them to face the damage left from their previous relationships, while ignoring the clock counting down on their time together, dictating their ending, just as they’re beginning. Alex and Max are realistic, their lives and responsibilities exist in different worlds, a thousand miles apart, so they decide to forget there’s a Friday (the day Alex is due to fly home) and live in the moment. But is it that simple? The Bridge tells a story of friendship, love, loss, the weight of responsibility, finding love when you least expect it, self-doubt and insecurity, the fear of loving again and finding strength even when life feels hopeless; set against the background of contemporary music, and the intoxicating personality of Verona. It will take the reader on a journey from which they will not want to be interrupted. Warning: It may also leave the reader pining for the one that got away…