TeeJay Literacy and English CfE Second Level Book 2A

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Add fun to your lessons with the only Literacy and English textbooks offering comprehensive, consistent coverage of the whole CfE Second Level curriculum.This brand-new series from TeeJay will enable you to confidently cover all CfE Benchmarks and Experiences and Outcomes for Writing, Listening & Talking, and Reading for Understanding.- Explore different genres and foster a love of reading with exciting text extracts- Bring the fun of learning to your classroom with activities for play-based learning- Help students of all abilities progress at their own pace with tasks for differentiation flagged throughout- Continuously build and consolidate knowledge and monitor progression with end-of-chapter ‘Review Revisit, Revise’ exercises- Brush up on past teaching with the exercises in Chapter 0, which revise key skills from the previous level- Trust the core TeeJay philosophy – progression and consolidation – to help students build and develop their skills and understanding