Summer at the Ice Cream Cafe

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It’s time for a fresh start… After a decade of building her career in the city, Beca is ready to escape the humdrum. When she sees her dream home for sale in her hometown, it starts to seem like fate.But when she arrives and visits her grandparents’ ice cream parlour, Beca is horrified to find out that the new owner, her ex-boyfriend Ed, has stripped the heart out of it. Determined to honour her family’s legacy, Beca decides to follow in their footsteps and make delicious ice cream with the help of a long-forgotten recipe book and boat house. As a fierce rivalry develops, Beca must rely on her oldest friend, Griff, to help her make the parloura success. But when disaster strikes, is Beca about to discover that true happiness has been right in front of her the whole time?