Scientifica Historica

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Scientifica Historica is an illustrated, accessible review of those books that marked the development of science from ancient civilizations to the new millennium. The book is divided into five eras and explores the leading scientific pioneers, discoveries and books within them:Ancient World – looks at the beginnings of language, plus the first ever scientific documents produced and translatedRenaissance in Print – explores the effects of the invention of the printing press and the exploration of the seas and skiesModern Classical – surveys the nineteenth century and the development of science as a professionPost-Classical – dissects the twentieth century and the introduction of relativity, quantum theory and geneticsThe Next Generation – reviews the period from 1980 to the modern day, showing how science has become accessible to the general publicPlus an introduction to the history and development of writing and books in general, and a list of the 150 greatest science books published. From carvings and scrolls to glossy bound tomes, this book beautifully illustrates the evolution of scientific communication to the world. By recounting the history of science via its key works – those books written by the keenest minds our world has known – this book reflects the physical results of brilliant thought manifested in titles that literally changed the course of knowledge.