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This book provides a broad range and style of questions, not only for medical students preparing for their final exams, but also for clinicians preparing for their post-graduate exams. This book includes over 200 single best answer questions (SBAs), 400 extended matching questions (EMQs) and 100 short answer questions (SAQs), giving the reader a wide variety of topics to test their exam knowledge and technique. It is an invaluable educational resource for exam preparation and to help you succeed. Key features: Over 700 questions on the core medical subjects; Compiled by a team of junior doctors with recent final exam and postgraduate specialty exam experience; Overseen by experienced doctors to ensure relevance and accuracy; The broad medical curriculum is covered in a succinct and consistent style; Clear and concise answers are provided; Easy accessible information to facilitate revision on the move. Enables the reader to assess their knowledge and help identify gaps in their knowledge to target revision. The following main specialties are covered: Cardiology; Respiratory medicine; Gastroenterology; Renal medicine; Endocrinology; Neurology; Haematology; Rheumatology; Infectious diseases. Watch out for our other titles in the MedQ4exams series: Surgery. The Specialties. Practice papers.