Passion In Paradise: Sunset Proposals

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Can a temporary agreement lead to more? Samantha never forgot the sting of Leo’s rejection, but now the brooding billionaire is offering a solution to her mother’s debts, and she can’t refuse. Leo’s deal is simple, Samantha will pose as his fiancee to help secure custody of his late step-brother’s daughter. But Samantha’s purity is a breath of fresh air in Leo’s cynical world and the temptation to satisfy his lust for her becomes irresistible.*As the illegitimate secret daughter of royalty, Cat has lived a life far from luxurious. After years of bullying, she’s set against a return to her childhood home. But her princess half-sister has mysteriously disappeared ahead of her engagement to charismatic King Alexander. Cat agrees to stand in for her half-sister, but she doesn’t agree to the electric attraction between her and Alex!*Clara Davis knows the moment ‘yes’ slips from her lips that she’s in way over her head. Just how is she supposed to pretend to be her boss’s fiancee on his luxury honeymoon? Zack Parsons’s Don’t date the staff rule has prevented him from ever seeing beyond Clara’s baker’s apron.. Giving in to one night of wickedness should be enough to satisfy their new-found cravings… Shouldn’t it?