Not That Kind of Ever After

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Gloriously fun, romantic and feel-good, discover a 21st century London fairytale with an unforgettable twist Once upon a time, in a flatshare south of the river, there lived an aspiring author named Bella Marble. Above all things, above her wish to be a writer, above absolutely anything and everything, Bella wants to find love.But one fateful week changes everything…When her best friend moves in with the most boring ogre in history and her perfectly paired parents tell her their own love story is coming to an end, Bella’s illusions of finding ‘the one’ shatters.With the help of her very own knight in shining Armani, Bella ditches the fairytale and decides it’s time to write herself a brand new kind of happy ending. And while London may be fresh out of Princes, it’s got a surplus of frogs – and as Bella learns, kissing frogs can be extremely fun.______________Fresh, funny and intelligent, this book will make any woman who’s experienced dating in the 21st century laugh, wince and cry in recognition, and is perfect for fans of Marian Keyes, Mhairi Mcfarlane and Lindsey Kelk. Find out why everyone’s talking about NOT THAT KIND OF EVER AFTER . . . ‘A wickedly funny exploration of finding one’s own Happily Ever After. If you’ve ever gone searching for The Fairytale within the hellscape of modern dating, Not That Kind of Ever After is for you’ Alison Rose Greenberg