National 5/Higher English Revision: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

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Exam Board: SQA Level: N5/Higher Subject: English Need extra help with English Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation? Revise National 5 and Higher English in a snap with Leckie SNAP Revision! Revise and review your understanding of sentence structure, word choice, close reading and language skills with this handy RUAE guide. First, different SQA-type questions are broken down so that you know exactly what to expect on the day of your exam. Next, exam topics and techniques such as understanding, language, written answers and grammar are detailed clearly and concisely, with colourful sections that are easy-to-read. Finally, put your knowledge to the test with plenty of exam practice, followed by model answers that allow you to check your understanding. With lots of top tips included throughout, this SQA English revision guide has all the tools you need to get a top mark! Revise SQA Poetry in a snap with Leckie SNAP Revision: Poetry by Norman MacCaig (9780008306670) and Carol Ann Duffy (9780008306687).