Naija Marxisms

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Since the 1940s, Marxist thought has blossomed in Nigeria. The history of ‘Naija Marxism’ is also that of the country’s labour movement, its feminist movement, its social thought and political economy. It has been the mainstay of party politics in the case of illegal Marxist party formations and legal anti-feudalist forces and in the NGO sector. Long gone are the days when Marxism meant imported pamphlets and a disconnected ideology. Drawn from years of research in Nigeria and elsewhere, Naija Marxisms breaks new ground in tracing the historical trajectories that leftist movements underwent since the 1940s, whilst arguing that Marxism is alive and well in Nigeria. The book brings together Nigeria’s pre-eminent radical thinkers, from Usman Tar and Edwin Madunagu, who are currently espousing a Marxian political economy and providing a class-based approach in the country’s mainstream media channels, to the international reach of key Nigerian Marxists, such as Mokwugo Okoye, Ikenna Nzimiro and Eskor Toyo.