Lichfield in 50 Buildings

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From the third quarter of the seventh century when St Chad wandered into a watery valley in the heart of the Kingdom of Mercia to the Black Death, the English Civil War and the days of the Enlightenment when it was home to great minds such as Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin, Lichfield has a proud and distinctive identity. This extraordinary history is embodied in the buildings that have shaped the city. Lichfield in 50 Buildings explores the history of this rich and vibrant community through a selection of its greatest architectural treasures. From its 1,300-year-old cathedral, the impressive Guildhall to the modernist Garrick Theatre, this unique study celebrates the city’s heritage in a new and accessible way. Well-known local author Joss Musgrove Knibb guides the reader on a tour of the city’s historic structures and modern architectural marvels.