Liberalism at Large

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In this landmark book, Alexander Zevin looks at the development of modern liberalism by examining the long historyof the Economist newspaper, which, since 1843, has been the most tireless – and internationally influential – champion of the liberal cause anywhere in the world.But what exactly is liberalism, and how has its message evolved?Liberalism at Large examines a political ideology on the move as it confronts the challenges that classical doctrine left unresolved: the rise of democracy, the expansion of empire, the ascendancy of high finance. Contact with suchmomentous forces was never going to leave the proponents of liberal values unchanged. Zevin holds a mirror to the politics – and personalities – of Economist editors past and present, from Victorian banker-essayists James Wilson andWalter Bagehot to latter-day eminences Bill Emmott and Zanny Minton Beddoes.Today, neither economic crisis at home nor permanent warfare abroad has dimmed the Economist’s belief in unfettered markets, limited government, and a free hand for the West. Confidante to the powerful, emissary for the financial sector, portal onto international affairs, the bestselling newsweekly shapes the world its readers – as well as everyone else – inhabit. This is the first critical biography of one of the architects of a liberal world order now under increasing strain.