Key Readings in Criminology

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Key Readings in Criminology provides a comprehensive single-volume collection of readings in criminology. It provides students with convenient access to a broad range of excerpts (over 150 readings) from original criminological texts and key articles, and is designed to be used either as a stand-alone text or in conjunction with the same author’s textbook, Criminology.This volume can be used in a number of ways in support of the study of criminology:as a source of both ‘key’ and supplementary reading for lectures;as the basis for organized reading in advance of seminars and tutorials;as the basis for classroom discussion and analysis;as a broad source of reading for exam revision;in addition it provides students with access to a broad range of materials with which to follow up their reading of their main textbook;it includes readings that include more recent summaries of particularly important criminological issues, as well as excerpts from criminological classics;it also introduces students not only to criminological argument and debate, but also encourages them to read primary as well as secondary or summary sources.