Introduction to International Relations

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This bestselling introductory textbook provides a truly comprehensive and approachable guide to international affairs. Bringing together decades of combined experience in researching and teaching global politics from three acclaimed scholars, this book introduces you to the key concepts in international relations while equipping you with the tools to successfully analyse the rapidly changing world in which we live. Carefully and pedagogically structured, the book is driven by nuanced enduring questions to support active engagement with the subject matter. It covers everything from war and its causes to the pursuit of peace, the role of non-state actors on the world stage and transnational concerns such as climate change. Thought-provoking boxed features throughout highlight disparities between theory and practice, provide overviews of key research and make use of the influential levels-of-analysis framework. This third edition is completely updated throughout, including extensive coverage of the latest advances in international relations scholarship and supported by a wealth of contemporary case examples. The text is supported by a rich companion website with study guides, instructor resources and interactive exercises to allow you to consider complicated political decisions for yourself. Introduction to International Relations is the ultimate companion for undergraduate students of politics and international relations in need of an exciting and rigorous introduction to the subject.