Indian Federalism (Oxford India Short Introductions)

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Here is a an authoritative introduction to federalism and centre-state relations in India. Paying attention to the constitutional, political and economic dimensions that affect the relationship between the central government and the states in India, the book stimulates understanding of some of the big dilemmas facing India today. In order to get to the bottom of how policies are made and the impacts they have in India’s complex multi-level political and economic ecosystem, an appreciation of federalism is needed. The ability of the central government to reduce inequality between regions and promote economic dynamism, or the ability of India’s states to define their own policy agendas that speak to local needs and priorities, are all shaped by federal institutions and practices. Institutional recognition of societal diversity and the rights of minorities are also protected, and sometimes contested, through federalism. How to achieve a balance between regional political and economic autonomy, and the scope for authoritative policy making by the central government, are some of the thorniest issues facing India.