Indecent Proposals: The Best Friend

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Unexpectedly expecting! Meg has always dreamed of having the perfect family, and when she learns her baby window is closing, she turns to childhood friend Ben for help. Their relationship is strictly platonic – except for that one unforgettable kiss. Helping her to become a mother is the easiest decision Ben has ever made. Only, soon he wants to be more than just their baby’s ‘uncle.’*She’d been his best friend’s wife…then widow. And pilot Ryan Itani had been enthralled with Faith Holmes even before they met. They say grief makes one do crazy things – well, chalk sleeping with Faith as one of them. Then finding out she was carrying his baby… What is a man of honour to do?*Kate McCoy’s life is organised to perfection, until the night she steps into Gray Gallagher’s arms. This time Kate has miscalculated: she’s unexpectedly expecting. And the heart she has carefully sheltered starts seeing her cherished friend in a different light…