GCSE 9-1 Geography AQA: Revision Guide Second Edition

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The most student-friendly revision resource for the AQA GCSE Geography specification – this thoroughly updated second edition includes new graphs and maps and updated geographical data and helps students to consolidate key knowledge for every topic. The Revision Guide is fully matched to Oxford’s AQA-approved Student Book with the same student-friendly look and feel, with easy to digest content that recaps and summarises essential knowledge into manageable chunks. New Skills Focus pages hone students’ ability to approach skills-based questions with confidence, while Over to you activities and six-second summaries encourage students to check in on their knowledge. Revision checklists help monitor students’ progress and there is well-presented, targeted guidance for approaching Issue Evaluation and Fieldwork. Perfect for use with the Student Book or as a standalone resource for independent revision Also available: Student Book, Exam Practice, Fieldwork, Kerboodle, Kerboodle Book (student access) Also available as ebook: 9781382029117