English in 5 Minutes a Day Age 6-7

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Level: KS1Subject: English Grammar and Punctuation Master primary English in short bursts Help your child master English at home with this activity book designed to be used in 5 minute bursts. With a focus on grammar and punctuation, this book will give your 6-7 year old a head start in English. This book contains effective everyday practice exercises in a progressive sequence, interspersed with progress tests. It is designed to be used in class or at home. Take 5 minutes and complete a page of English grammar and punctuation practice in 3 parts:- Step 1 (1 minute): Review skills and knowledge you already know- Step 2 (2.5 minutes): Practise new English grammar and punctuation- Step 3 (1.5 minutes): Challenge yourself Quick, targeted practice to really improve English skills at age 6-7.