Eat Sweat Play

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We absolutely love this book and cannot praise it enough. Kessel writes authoritatively, but accessibly, about the current state of women in sport, regarding both professionals and the average woman on the street, and covers a range of issues including PE education and the effect of pregnancy. Her experience as a sports journalists shows, and the interviews and research conducted are well presented. Running through the book (no pun intended) is the question of how we can improve the reputation of women’s sport and increase the numbers of women practising it. With reference to the 2012 Olympics and the This Girl Can campaign, ‘Eat.Sweat.Play’ is a timely and necessary (though never dull or preachy) introduction to the topic, and a rallying call to all women, whether traditionally ‘sporty’ or not. Wehope it will have as much impact as Laura Bates’ ‘Everyday Sexism’