Dr Finlay’s Courageous Bride / A Family Made In Paradise

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Wedding vows to save them both! With a heavy heart, Sydney surgeon Rab tells the residents of Cockatoo Valley that it must be sold. He can only inherit the land if he marries within six weeks. To save the town that has become her sanctuary, scarred nurse Mia courageously offers to marry him-for one year! Until Rab’s kind eyes and heart-lifting smile make her wish that one year could be the beginning of a lifetime together… His arrival makes paradise perfect! Single mum and nurse Rachel is certain life can’t have any obstacles left. Until she’s unexpectedly forced to work with ex-fling Dr Sebastien Deslaurier! There’s no time for her to think about the mutual passion that should have stayed in the past, but when Rachel watches Seb become the father figure her daughter never had, will she start thinking about their future-as a family?