Culloden: 1746

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Culloden Moor is one of the most famous battles in British history and, for the Scots, the battle is pre-eminent, surpassing even Bannockburn. In this decisive and bloody encounter in 1746 the Duke of Cumberland’s government army defeated the Jacobite rebels led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Yet, despite the attention paid to this critical event-in particular to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite legend-few writers have concentrated on the battle itself and on the Highland battlefield on which it was fought. Stuart Reid, in this revised third edition of his best-selling guide, does just that. He tells the story of the campaign and sets out in a graphic and easily understood way the movements and deployments of the opposing forces-and he describes in vivid detail the deadly combat that followed. His account incorporates the latest documentary and archaeological research and features an expanded section on the Jacobite and Hanoverian armies, and it invites visitors to explore for themselves the historic ground on which this momentous event took place.