Confessions Of The Boss

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One kiss is all it takes! Andi Beaumont is wedded to her job, when she really wants to wed her boss, Mac McCallum. The only solution: quit and save herself from heartbreak. But Mac won’t let Andi get away. Will his all-business approach backfire when Mac discovers the pure pleasure of being with his alluring assistant…*Brooke has never seen her boss RJ act like this. True, his mother is in prison and an illegitimate brother has all but stolen the shipping dynasty RJ’s worked so hard to safeguard. But that’s no excuse for bad behaviour. So, as a good assistant should, Brooke pulls him aside and pours him a drink. Resulting in a kiss…or two.*When producer Ryan kisses a beautiful stranger to save her from a lecherous investor, he doesn’t know she’s his newest employee…or that she’s also his best friend’s little sister all grown up. Now the only way to save his business deal is a scorching make-believe affair with the one woman who is absolutely off limits. So why is he thinking more about seducing Jaci than towing the corporate line?