British General Elections Since 1964

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This book reviews the history of British general elections since 1964, charting the changes in voters and parties at every step. In parallel, it shows how electoral analysts have responded to these developments. This fully revised and updated edition examines the general elections of 2015, 2017, and 2019 in the context of the momentous referendums on Scottish independence (2014) and EU membership (2016), showing the impact of these votes on an electorate which has become increasingly volatile. If the early post-war period was marked by strong partisan loyalties, based largely on social class, in 2019 Britain seemed to have entered an age of ‘identity politics’ in which factors such as age and educational qualifications gave a better indication of voter allegiance. By analysing all 16 elections since 1964 in their historical context, this book allows readers to understand both the scale and the nature of developments in British politics over these eventful years.