Blues for an Alabama Sky

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New York City, 1930. Following a decade of explosive creativity, the Harlem Renaissance is starting to feel the bite of the Great Depression. In the face of hardship and dwindling opportunity, Angel and her friends battle to keep their artistic dreams alive. But, when Angel falls for a stranger from Alabama, their romance forces the group to make good on their ambitions, or give in to the reality of the time. Pearl Cleage’s Blues for an Alabama Sky was first performed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1995. It was revived at the National Theatre, London, in 2022, directed by Lynette Linton, with a cast including Samira Wiley and Giles Terera. Pearl Cleage is a celebrated American playwright, novelist, poet and political activist, and was one of the first Black women in America to achieve national recognition as a dramatist. Her plays, also including Flyin’ West and Bourbon at the Border, provide a remarkable and penetrating look at the African-American experience over the last century. ‘As a woman, as an African-American, her artistic objectivity and sensitivity to history combine with her capacity to dig for truth’ Ruby Dee ‘One of the voices singing in the wilderness’ Ossie Davis