A Family To Save The Doctor’s Heart / In Bali With The Single Dad

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An unexpected gift! A year ago, Jenny was an Emergency Doctor loving life in fast-paced Sydney. Now, after the loss of her brother and his wife she’s living on remote Albatross Island, raising her nieces and nephews. Then Dr Silas washes up shipwrecked and injured…! Just like Jenny and the kids, Silas is no stranger to grief. Yet could he bring hope to Jenny and her fledgling family too? Finding a fresh start in Indonesia! Floored by her ex-fiancee’s betrayal, GP Rebecca has sworn off love and is in Bali to recover her mojo. Until an accident brings local doctor Noah into her life…As new single dad to his orphaned nieces, Noah knows what it’s like to have your life change – instantly. Now, Rebecca can’t help but ask if fate is offering them all a new Happily-Ever-After in paradise?