A Cosy Christmas at Bridget’s Bicycle Bakery

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The brand new romantic Christmas read from Alex Brown -the Queen of Feel Good Fiction and #1 bestseller! Bridget smiled to herself, certain she could see one of the stars twinkling extra brightly in that moment as if to acknowledge her wish and convince her that, yes, Mulberry-On-Sea was just the place they all needed to be. Surrounded by those happy memories of holidays and special times where nothing bad ever happened… Finding yourself without a home in the weeks before Christmas would break most people, but for Bridget Carrington it’s a chance to start again. Mulberry-On-Sea has always been her happy place and she’s hoping it can work its magic this festive season and heal her family after a difficult year. Now, as the community wraps Bridget and her children in its warm embrace, she starts to feel like herself again. With a new business, kids who are starting to smile, and the promise of a second chance at love, Bridget’s holiday season might just be a happy ever after… Readers are LOVING Bridget: ‘Utterly fabulous from beginning to end…a really cosy Christmas read’ Jeannie ‘Perfect to get you in the holiday spirit…Adorable! Loved every minute’ Isla ‘I loved the characters, I loved the setting, I loved the plot, I loved the front cover, I LOVED IT’ Aria ‘Such a feel good Christmas read!’ Bee