13+ English Study Book for the Common Entrance Exams (exams up to June 2022)

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This full-colour CGP Study Book covers every skill students will need for success in the Common Entrance 13+ English exam. Everything’s explained with clear, concise notes and helpful examples, with a page of summary questions at the end of each section to test understanding of the crucial points. There’s even a section of advice for students taking the CASE (Common Academic Scholarship Examination) Paper. A free Online Edition of the whole book is also included – just use the unique code printed in the book to access it on a PC, Mac or tablet. If you’re looking for more help with Common Entrance 13+ preparation, CGP Study Guides are available for 13+ Maths (9781782941774) and 13+ Science (9781782941767). One final thing – if your final exams are in November 2022 or later, you can grab our new 13+ English Revision Guide (9781789087956), which is perfectly matched to the new spec.