Writing a blog can be cathartic, a creative outlet, or can be used to promote your business or develop a new one.  However, if you want your blog to be found and read by a relevant audience, there are certain steps that you can take to increase its visibility online. Here are my top tips:

Find a topic that is relevant to people – based on keyword suggestions and volumes. Just because you can write about something doesn’t mean you should write about something!  Your time is valuable, so you don’t want to waste time creating content that no-one will ever see or read.  Why not take a little time to work out what others would find interesting or useful.  A free tool like can help you to determine what people are searching for online about specific topics – you simply type in a phrase (i.e. ‘landscape gardening’, for example), and it will bring up a range of questions and related phrases that people have searched for online about that specific topic, giving you plenty of inspiration for your blog.

Optimise your blog post effectively. Once you’ve written your blog post based upon a specific search query, make sure that you use that keyword phrase appropriately to increase the visibility of your blog online.  If you’re using WordPress, a tool like Yoast can make it simple for you to identify the meta-keyword, and to incorporate your chosen keyword into your SEO title and meta-description.  It should also be used within your blog (a couple of times in a 500-word article) and as the alt-tag for one image on your page – if the keyword can also be used in the slug (i.e.  By incorporating your relevant keyword in all of these places, it can increase your chances of appearing in the search engine results pages for your chosen keyword. 

Repurpose this content in as many ways as you can! Once you have written a blog and published it on your website or LinkedIn (or any other platform that is relevant to you!), make sure you re-use it as much as possible to make the most of the time and effort you invested into its creation.  You can easily make it into an engaging video with a free tool like, which allows you to repurpose your blog as a video with free graphics and music (as long as you are happy to use their branding on your video – if you’d prefer not to, you need to upgrade).  You could also turn your blog into a series of social media posts, driving traffic from social channels direct to your website to ‘find out more’.

Whatever your business, and whatever your topic, good luck with your blog writing! And if you need any help or advice, please get in touch.